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CEMAR testing center has a variety of different equipment, sharing research facilities of the Hong Kong University Science & Technology central. In addition, professional science researchers with rich experience can provide element analysis, thermodynamic analysis, material characterization, environmental simulation test, reliability test, sample preparation and other detection analysis of service to customers. 


Test Items

Test Contents

Test Device

Analysis for material morphology Analysis for apparent morphology Surface morphology/microstructure/appearance fault SEM/FESEM/stereoscopic microscope/ metallographic microscope
Nano materials particle diameter distribution Particle size distribution instrument 
Surface roughness/analysis for three-dimensional surface/analysis for two-dimensional curve AFM/ Optical profiler
Analysis for internal structure Internal ultrastructure for samples/crystallographic texture TEM
Internal three dimensions X-ray images for samples(faultless inspection) X-ray scanning profiler
Internal structure faults for samples (crack, cracking, gap and interface delamination) SAM/X-ray scanning profiler
Deblocking and destruction Chemical unsealing/mechanical unsealing
Analysis for material property and composition Analysis for mechanical property of materials Material hardness/material modulus/scratch resistance/ abrasive resistance Microhardness instrument/ Nanoindentor
Material mechanical property/ breaking tenacity/ shear strength/ tensile strength, etc. Universal material testing machine
Storage modulus and loss modulus Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
Material dynamic mechanical property DMA
Stress relaxation and creepage DMA
Analysis for thermal property of materials Material heat conductivity coefficient/material heat capacity heat conductivity tester
Melting temperature/melting enthalpy/crystallization temperature//crystallization enthalpy/ crystallinity/ specific heat capacity DSC
Glass-transition temperature DSC/DMA/ TMA
Heat stability  DSC/ TGA
Phase inversion temperature DSC/TMA
Secondary phase inversion temperature DMA
Curing reaction DSC/DMA/Rheometer
Low temperature property DMA
Compatibility of blended polymers DMA
Crosslinking speed and crosslinking degree of polymer materials DSC/Rheometer
Coefficient of thermal expansion/material softening temperature/ material heat deflection temperature TMA
Heat stability/composition analysis/ solvent and filler content TGA
Viscosity/viscoelasticity/macromolecule molecular weight distribution/ polymer melt/ polymer solution, suspension liquid, emulsion, coating, printing ink and other rheological properties. Rheometer
Chemical reaction thermodynamics and dynamics DSC/Rheometer
Analysis for element composition  Element and ion detection XRF/ XPS/ AES/EDS/TOF-SIMS/ICP-OES
Metal element detection ICP-OES
Surface pollutant detection TOP-SIMS/XPS/AES/Fourier transform infrared spectrometry microscope/Raman spectroscopy
Polymer functional group FT-IR/nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer/FT-IR
Determination of organic matter Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer/gas chromatograph spectrum/ FT-IR
Element depth distribution XPS/AES
Compound formula Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Oxide layer thickness/ multi-coated thickness distribution TOF-SIMS
Physical structure/crystal habit/alloy phase transformation XRD
Ionic concentration determination Ion chromatograph
Type and content of oisture, solvent, filler, etc., mixed component composition analysis TGA-IR
Material lattice representation Ion milling/SEM/FESEM/TEM
Analysis for other properties Package resin and volume resistivity of nonconducting bonding material  Semiconductor parameter analyzer
Wettability/contact angle Contact angle meter
Analysis for material reliability and failure Reliability analysis Temperature/humidity/bias test Constant temperature oven/temperature and humidity box/ high voltage test container
Thermal ageing test High temperature oven
Temperature cycle test Thermal cycling chamber/temperature cycle box
Falling weight impact test Impact (drop) testing machine
Mechanical strength test(stretch, compact, bend, shearing, etc. Universal material testing machine
Three-point bending/four-point bending/nine-point bending test High speed universal testing machine
Warpage test during sample temperature change Cloud pattern interference machine
Single solder ball stretch and shearing test/gold thread stretch test/package shearing test Ball unreeving/shearing and thread unreeving tester
Solder ball strength test  Single ball high speed impact testing machine/single ball high frequence vibration testing machine
Reflow soldering analog No lead reflow soldering oven in No. 8 temperature zone/static reflow oven 
Failure analysis Staining detection(interface hierarchy/soldering point cracking, etc. Vacuum box/optical microscope with CCD/ ultraviolet optical microscope
Sample optical parameter detection Optical microscope with CCD/general integral ball
Structure failure analysis Scanning electron microscope/SEM/EDS
Computer analog of mechanical structure, stress-strain, temperature and heat distribution  Computer working station
LED volt-ampere characteristics Digital source station


Remarks: AES- Auger Electron Spectrometer, DMA- Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, DSC- Differential Scanning Calorimetry, EDS-Energy Disperse Spectroscopy, FESEM- Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, FT-IR- Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectrometry, ICP-OES- Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer, Rheometer-Rheometer, SAM- Scanning Acoustic Microscope, SEM- Scanning Electron Microscope, TEM- Transmission Electron Microscope, TGA- Thermogravimetric Analyzer, TGA-IR-Hermogravimetric Analyzer-Infrared Spectrometry, TMA- Thermal Mechanical Analyzer, TOF-SIMS Time of Flight-Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer, XPD- X-ray Diffractometer, XRF-X-ray Fluorescence and XPS- X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy