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Personnel training and technology transfer

Technical training of microelectronic packaging

During cooperation with industry for many years, CEMAR sums up a lot of technology in microelectronic packing industry, including material selection, material reliability and failure analysis. Based on this, CEMAR designs a series of suitable production training courses for enterprise¡¯s staff, which are different from basic theory courses held by traditional universities and colleges, but pay more attention on application and field operation. We use a large number of real cases in detail, combined with the operation practice of related equipment, so that the engineering and technical personnel can easily understand the training content associated with their own work, so as to effectively improve their own professional level.


Part of the training contents  

* Introduction of electronic packaging --structure design, material selection and reliability analysis

* Introduction of materials characterization methods in electronic packaging

* Introduction of failure analysis of integrated circuit package

* Sample preparation techniques in optical and electronic microscope

* Formation of intermetallic compounds and metal joint reliability

* Material selection and incoming quality control for electronic packaging  

Polymer materials R & D training

According to the characteristics of polymer materials production enterprises, CEMAR has designed a series of courses for enterprises¡¯ core members of R&D. At the same time, we can organize visit to HKUST for advanced experimental equipment or organize investigation abroad. In addition, we can also host seminars with enterprises, and solve some problems encountered in the process of practical production.


Part of the training contents

* Polymer reinforcing and toughening theory

* Research on behavior and reliability of material fracture

* Fiber reinforced polymer materials

* Modern analysis and characterization technology of polymer materials

Our training courses will be arranged according to the demand of customers(including contents, schedule, class locations and the number of trainee, etc.), CEMAR will organize the most appropriate course carefully to meet various enterprises.


Technology transfer

CEMAR is committed to the creation of a new service platform for technology transfer. On the one hand, the platform can promote rich experience, data, complete technical information and research achievements, which CEMAR has accumulated in the fields of new materials and microelectronics packaging for years in Industrial application. On the other hand, the platform can help enterprises to know the advanced production technology in the world, assist enterprises to import, absorb and recreate advanced technology, provide full technical support according to the characteristics of enterprises, reduce the technical threshold for enterprises, shorten the time of technology transfer and absorption, and open a new horizon with our partners.

Part of the technology transfer projects

* Fiber reinforced polymer materials

* Advanced carbon fiber / epoxy resin composite material. (Application: carbon fiber body and general airframe)

* Advanced polymer / fiber reinforced polymer microcellular foaming material. (Application: architecture plastic module, sports equipment and automotive interiors, etc.)

* Insulating polymer materials for extreme environment. (Applications: aerospace, military)

* Advanced polymer microcellular foaming material. (Application: automotive  aircraft interiors and materials packaging, etc.)

* Advanced Micro nano ceramic fiber membrane. (Application: water treatment)

* Advanced phase change material / polymer composites. (Application: automotive interior, building materials, home and office furniture, etc.)