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Computer simulation

The computer simulation technology is an important and modern method to assist the design and production of product with high performance computer. Through the establishment of digital 3D models, finite element analysis of structure, thermal, mechanical and fluid mechanics, calculation can be done to provide scientific and rational solutions for static or dynamic simulation products likely to be encountered problems in the production or in the process of using. It not only reduces the cost of product development, but also increases the efficiency. The computer simulation technology can be used for failure analysis and finding root cause of problems in order to determine the direction to solve the problem of product, when the products have any problems. On the other hand, it can also improve security during experimenting, modulation and manufacturing, avoid unnecessary loss. Now the computer simulation technology has become an important and indispensable means product R & D, data analysis, computer-aided design and so on, bringing enormous social and economic benefits to the industry and academia.


Mechanism Simulation Material Fracture

Creatively use computer simulation technique to research broken polymer material and broken behavior of in-depth theoretical study provides a new direction for polymer materials research.


Mechanical Simulation

Simulate the products in the process or under the external force and the computer, the whole or part of the stress, deformation, then forecast the failure potential products and analysis the reason of the failure occurs can provide help for the product design or production process.


Thermodynamic Simulation

Simulate stress strain response in the processing of products, testing or operating conditions of the temperature field distribution and heat utilization of computer, understand the thermal defects of the products, and provide a powerful guarantee for the selection of materials to improve the optimization design, product and production process.


Fluid Dynamics Simulation

For products in processing or working conditions with the phenomena of fluid flow and heat conduction, use computer to simulate fluid flow (such as the velocity field, pressure field and temperature field etc.), and then provide technical reference for process parameter adjustment and mould design.