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Detection study

Modern analysis testing technology and analysis instrument are the essential techniques for scientific researchers to understand the formation and variation of substance; it plays an increasingly important role in scientific research and in the process of enterprise production, now it can promote the progress of science and technology constantly. CEMAR testing center has a variety of different equipment, sharing research facilities of the Hong Kong University Science & Technology central. In addition, professional science researchers with rich experience can provide element analysis, thermodynamic analysis, material characterization, environmental simulation test, reliability test, sample preparation and other detection analysis of service to customers.

Material characterization

Material characterization technology can help researchers to understand different material properties, the composition and structure, from macro to micro level providing theoretical support data for material production, product material selection, laboratory identification, product quality control and adjustment of production process. These projects which CEMAR can provide include material morphology observing, material composition testing, material structure analyzing, material thermodynamic performance testing, and materials mechanical properties testing.


Reliability testing

Reliability testing is to find the failure laws of the product in different temperature, humidity and other environmental stress condition, analyze the failure mode and failure mechanism, so as to survey, analyze and evaluate the quality of the product. In R&D phase, reliability testing is to expose the defects of the trial production of products in all aspects, evaluate the design quality, material and process quality. In the production phase, reliability testing is to ensure the quality or assess the management regularly. Reliability testing includes two parts, mechanical stress testing and environmental stress testing. The most commonly used reliability testing items include: mechanical vibration test, mechanical shock test, mechanical impact test and drop test, constant temperature and humidity test, aging test, temperature shock test and rapid temperature change test and so on.

Sample preparation

The quality of the sample preparation test has a crucial relationship for the next test, directly affecting the authenticity of the detection data. If we do not pay attention to the quality of the sample preparation, it will bring the unnecessary interference to the research. CEMAR has multi sample preparation equipment for material research and professionals with many years working experience on sample preparations which can provide the working sample preparation with high quality, so that we can obtain the real testing data.



Sample preparation instrument

* Low-speed diamond cutting machine * high-speed diamond cutting machine * metallurgical microscope * stereo microscope * UV microscope * ion beam thinning instrument * grinding machine *polishing machine * constant temperature box * oven * vacuum drying oven * vacuum box


          Polishing machine                                        Oven                        High-speed precise cutting machine