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Microelectronic packaging

Microelectronic packaging is a major discipline within the field of electronic engineering, materials engineering and includes diverse variety of advanced technologies. It applies to the whole both process from the very beginning to the end end, products and to components. Packaging of an electronic system must consider protection from mechanical damage, cooling, radio frequency noise emission, protection from electrostatic discharge, maintenance, operator convenience, and cost. The quality of packaging control has a great influence on microelectronic products quality and competitiveness. Microelectronic packaging technology relates to many fields, from raw material to process, from inorganic to polymer, from large-scale production equipment to computational mechanics. Nowadays, microelectronic packaging has become a key industry to our modern information society.

CEMAR microelectronic packaging laboratory has accumulated abundant experiences in the area of microelectronic packaging with which we successfully solve problems from mechanics, materials science, and the production process. In material characterization involved in integrated circuit packages and other industrial structures and devices, reliability and failure analysis, and we have made a long and deep research on the computer simulation design, simulation and related new materials development and other fields. Microelectronics packaging laboratory provides product design, material selection and production technology to product reliability analysis of one-stop technology services, helping  enterprises to improve product reliability, to reduce  the cost of production, to provide  technical support in the whole seamless services to enterprises.

Silicon wafer and silicon chip

We provide design scheme for different wafer level packaging, and provide test services to the chip reliability and failure analysis. At the same time, we provide design and thermodynamic simulation service for varieties novel packaging structures of chips, such as a crystal coated chip, three-dimensional packaging structure. We also provide solutions for a variety of produces in the packaging design for the enterprise production.

* Wafer cutting - provide services to optimize the cutting process parameters in wafer.

* Service failure analysis generated wafer thinning - provide the wafer thinning process.

* 3D package - provide the design and thermodynamic simulation service a three-dimensional packaging structure.

* Silicon chip size - provide the design service for wafer sizes of different packages.

Integrated circuit lead

Research on the reliability and failure analysis provides for the connection scheme of silicon all kinds of package and substrate. Including the research for mechanics, thermodynamics, and materials science of gold; for all kinds of solder material selection, welding reliability, as well as the influence of various test conditions on product reliability; lead the selection and combination of frame collocation, the effect of lead frame pollutants and structure of reliability.

* Gold Technology - provides mechanical and material properties of various gold determination of service.

* Reliability bumps process - the study of various solder bumps.

* Lead frame - the provision of the lead frame structure design services.


Packaging materials and processing

We provide the characterization service for various organic packaging materials, such as epoxy resin, silica gel and other package materials, also, and we conduct study on the connection strength between the material and the metal substrate, and the package failure mechanism for the R&D package material to improve the reliability of the chip, and moreover, conduct R&D work on new material for package LED, and study the LED package structure light, cooling rate effects on chip.

* Plastic package technology - provide the thermodynamic characterization of the service of the epoxy resin material.

* LED silica gel - study silica optical, thermodynamic, mechanical properties.

* Features LED package - study various LED packaging structure.

* Packaging material - provide full parameter characterization of service encapsulation materials.

Surface mount technology

We study on the effect of welding material on product reliability, including the effects of metal bond compounds on solder adhesion strength and provide older selection and structure design service of different package structures; at the same time, study the effect of temperature curve of the welding process on the reliability of the chip and package, while considering interlaminar cracking and crack propagation.

* Welding material- study the effect of welding research materials - lead-free solder reliability of product.

* Welding process- study the effect of welding process and the reflow temperature curve of welding.

* Interlamination- study the effect of delamination between layers of cracking within the chip.



We provide all levels of service reliability test and failure analysis, including the service of reliability of chip level testing, such as gold strength test, shear strength between layers of silicon, testing; board level reliability, such as temperature cycling / impact testing services, high speed impact testing services, circuit board shear test suit; product reliability service, such as the overall heat dissipation parameters of product testing and structural simulation, analysis of service failure products overall, optimize product structure, improve product service life.

* Chip level reliability - provide the tensile and shear strength of the convex point service.

* Board level reliability - provide the temperature cycling / temperature shock test service.

* Product reliability - provide the whole service and structure optimization of product failure analysis.

Computer numerical simulation

We provide numerical simulation related services for electronic packaging structure and technology, including the effects of mechanics, material, structure, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics of product reliability including temperature of gold in the process of welding, the influence of vibration and pressure on the interface strength; effect of LED structure and material of the heat; the reliability problems of BGA under different test conditions; flow of epoxy resin for gold wire bonding reliability influence.

* Simulation of assembly process and process parameters optimization service.

* Reliability test simulation and failure analysis.