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Mission and purpose


CEMAR inherits the idea of HKUST "to contribute to the economic and social development of the nation " and adheres to the concept of "to serve the society with science and technology". Based on Nansha New Area, Guangzhou and the forefront technologies of HKUST, CEMAR combines its own R&D advantages with regional relevant industries development, vigorously promotes collaborative innovation of industry-university-research, provides scientific and technological support for regional enterprises, increases core competitiveness of these enterprises, and makes practical contribution to the upgrade of regional industries and enterprise development.



CEMAR is committed to being a world-class

Technology transfer center for enhancing international competitiveness of enterprises.

Technology innovative center with an idea that can assist local industries to upgrade their technical level.

Public technical service center with the feature of providing high-tech solutions.

R & D center which is achievement and technology industrial application oriented.

Education center for training outstanding innovative engineering technology talents.