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Core figures


Director of CEMAR

Specially-appointed Professor of “Thousand Talents Program”

Tenured professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, HKUST

Assistant to the President, HKUST

Specialist of Accreditation Division of Hong Kong Innovation Industry Department

Prof. Wu graduated fromUniversityofScienceand Technology of China in 1983 who won the highest honor award of graduates, “Guo Moruo scholarship”. After that, Prof. Wu worked inChineseAcademyof Sciences and Xi'an Jiao Tong University for four years and studied in Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, UniversityofSydneyand University ofMichiganduring 1987 to 1996. Prof. Wu received his engineering doctorates from theUniversityofSydneyin 1994 and won the postdoctoral funds of Australian National Research Council in 1995. Prof. Wu joined HKUST in January 1996 and was invited to serve as agelong science and technology consultation of many famous multinational enterprises including Philips, NXP and AMD. At the same time, Prof. Wu is the visiting professor of several famous universities in China. Prof. Wu has cultivated over 50 masters and doctors and published more than 100 papers in prestigious international journals and owned 5USpatents. Many innovative scientific research achievements have been traced in a long term and cited a lot by many peers at home and abroad. 

Dr. Haibin Chen

Assistant Director of CEMAR

Dr. Chen graduated from TsinghuaUniversityin 2000 and received his combined degrees in material science and management science department and doctoral degree in mechanical engineering department from HKUST in 2006. At present, he acts as a leader of a research team which consists of more than thirty technical talents for R & D projects of governments at all levels including Hong Kong and Mainland China. His interested research fields include novel materials and new energy development and application, microelectronics components design and optimization, LED devices design and optimization, reliability and failure analysis of materials and structure. Dr. Chen has already issued more than 40 scientific research papers with high level in top international journals and has obtained several international patents.

Dr. Dong Lv

Manager of CEMAR

Director of Advanced Materials Department, FYTRI

Dr. Lv received his bachelor's degree from Sichuan university in 2004, and received his doctor’s degree from the mechanical and aerospace engineering institute, HKUST in 2013. Dr. Lv has focused on research of enhancing the mechanical properties of polymer based composite materials and revealing their fracture mechanisms for many years. Dr. Lv has a high academic level in fields including nanomaterial reinforced polymer nanocomposites, lightweight and high strength polymer materials design and processing and materials characterization. In recent years, Dr. Lv focuses on transferring the first-class research achievements of HKUST to local industries and has participated in a number of R & D projects, applied more than 10 international patents and issued several high level papers.